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The Tannen "Secret" Salad Dressing Seasoning Packet

The Tannen "Secret" Salad Dressing Seasoning Packet

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My family has a "secret" salad dressing seasoning that has been in our family for over 30 years.  My Papa created this seasoning blend with my dad and it has been a hit in our family ever since. The saying is "You can put this dressing on hay and it would be good ". Haha. I get asked to make this seasoning packet from so many people, so I figured this is a great way to share with those who might want some year round. 


About the seasoning: If you like garlic, you will LOVE this seasoning. The seasoning packet is homemade and will contain only the seasonings.  Directions on how to mix the seasoning into olive oil and balsmic vinegar will be provided in order to create the dressing.


You can make this dressing for regular green salads, pasta salads, chicken marinate, a dipping sauce (my fav is with challah), or anything else you'd like (because as I said, you could put this on hay and it would taste good!)


Use code: Dressing for Buy 3 get 1 free!

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